Finding Founder

In the context of innovation management, Amoeba Management (AMA) is part of the Amoeba Digital Program which plays an important role as a medium that bridges all aspects related to innovation teams (Amoeba) with Telkom.

The Amoeba Digital Program has 5 governance programs that cover all the work done to support innovation, including Innovation Governance, Business Governance, Financial & Logistic Governance, Legal Governance, and Human Capital Governance.

Currently, innovation management is not only carried out in the central area of ​​Telkom (Jakarta), but has spread throughout the Indonesian region with support management from Amoeba Management in the region.

One of the intake ideation programs from PDA is Finding Founder (FiFo), which is a top-down aspiration path given by Telkom Leaders to be developed by assignment teams sent or searching for talents through open recruitment.

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