Amoeba Management Satellite

Innovation management unit in Amoeba Digital Program at unit level business or regional.

Innovation is the key to fulfilling Telkom’s needs so that it plays a role now is becoming increasingly important and urgent. It is necessary to face new challenges in the digital age. Telkom is required to move quickly to look for opportunities new business in order to maintain its existence in the future. Telkom has the strength, namely human resources that are scattered in the regions remote parts of Indonesia.

Human resources that are scattered can reach and interact with various types of consumer segmentation. This becomes capital strong to initiate various kinds of innovations that are needed by society.

AMA Satellite was initiated as the spearhead whose role is to manage innovation in unit / area. This is an extension of the AMA Hub effort as part of Amoeba Digital Program (PDA) to get closer to the source of innovation, namely Innovators.

Keep in mind that a high geographic spread is a challenge separately for Telkom, so managing innovation is not an easy thing.