About Amoeba

Digital Amoeba is Corporate Innovation Lab by Telkom Indonesia that incubate and accelerate ideas from its employees which create digital innovation and digital talents.

Amoeba Management

Amoeba management is the team that manages Amoeba environment, with the goal to make it so great and so highly growth-supporting so the Amoebas have the best opportunities to grow fast and release their maximum potential, compare to any other growth environment.

The Amoeba management provide administrative, human capital, finance shared services for the amoebas, as well as policy protection and advocation, problem solving medition and telkom group synergy mediation, up to balancing capabilities either the personal of the amoeba team itselft.

Amoeba Culture

We do not just boost the people but here we create a culture to make that idea happen.


Work together as a cross-functional team to solve the problem based on customer/user feedback to achieve the same goal.

Design Thinking

The iterative process to solve customers problem through five steps which is empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and testing.


A process where we learn by testing an initial idea and then measuring the results to validate what the impact is.

Our Innovation Process

1. Idea Selection

Selecting all ideas through pitching competition based on the attractiveness of market criteria in providing enhanced value to business processes.

2. Customer Validation​

The Initial stage to validate assumptions about customer problem and solution for the problem.

3. Product Validation​

The process for making products that fit customer problem where Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is developed based on user research or customer validation.

4. Business Model Validation​

Testing acceptable business models to early adopter where business models of a digital innovation is determined.

5. Market Validation​

Scaling up process to increase the number of customers or users from small scale to commercial scale.

6. Graduation​

The moment of truth where Amoeba can be independently running their business and exploit their potential.

Program Owner

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