" Innovation Lab by Telkom Indonesia "









we don't
create products,
we build people who create products

What We Do

What and how we do things in Digital Amoeba Program to help Employees turning their crazy ideas into reality,
and make them even crazier!

Build People

We manages the amoeba environment which is more focused on maturity measurement of talent, with highly growth-supporting the best opportunities to grow fast and unleash their maximum potential.

Build Business

The era of disruption brings new challenges for companies to win the competition, this is a perfect moment to test graduation concept and enrich scaling-up support.

Build Systems

We have iterated over 50% of procedures in this program and made some significant impact on Amoeba's experience in the innovation process. We are focused on improving the value generation parts, especially the value-meter .

We're with Giant Transformers

Digital Amoeba Program is continuously learning to build better system, these are some of our favourite seniors.
Source : Harvard Business Review, "How can big companies keep the entreprenurial spirit alive?" by DeSimone, LD. et al (1995).

At 3M, we have a guideline-unwritten but universally understood- that our researchers can spend 15% of their time working on an idea without approval from management.

When executives from other companies ask me what they need to do to increase new business activity, the first advice I give them is to change their organizations' basic incentive structures.

Rewarding success is easy, but rewarding intelligent failure is more important. We don't judge people strickly by results; we try to judge them by the quality of their efforts.

If innovation is the ability to recognize opportunity, then the essence of being an entrepreneur is being able to mobilize talent and resources quickly to seize that opportunity and turn it into a business.

Entrepreneurs want to move quickly. If they are stuck in a process that drags on and on, they worry that the window of opportunity is closing while theirs sponsors are making up their minds.

What Amoeba Say

“Punya ide itu gampang, yang susah mewujudkannya. Banyak tantangan dan harus berkutat di operasional juga, tapi yang jelas seru banget. Gak nyesel ikut Amoeba!”

- Rachmat Fahmi Aziz -

“Happy bisa belajar banyak tentang how to make a startup, design sprint, sampai manajemen waktu & team. Ditambah bisa kenal temen-temen lain yg punya jiwa inovasi yang sama dari berbagai regional.”

- Reza Hermansyah -

“Full of challenges! Amoeba has broaden up my point of view to give new future for Telkom, it's not just work for 8 hrs per day, but it's all about how you work agile and collaborate beyond time and diversity.”

- Sophia Khana -