" Innovation Lab by Telkom Indonesia "

we build people who build product

you can make an Innovation in Telkom Group, with the aim of solving problem in work environment.

What We Do

What and how we do things in Digital Amoeba Program to help Telkom Employees turning their crazy ideas into reality.

Idea Submission

All Telkom employees can collaborate and have a chance to submit their crazy ideas, to our Digital Amoeba Program!


Each and everyone of our Innovators in Digital Amoeba Program will get the chance to boost their knowledge through training that will be provided by us!


All of the crazy ideas that have been accepted by our Digital Amoeba Program will be developed thourgh our curicullum and turning from crazy idea, into an innovation that is valid in the market!


All our Innovators will be celebrating all their success from creating and developing an innovation in Digital Amoeba Program with AMIGO SUMMIT, an annual event that is held every year by showcasing their innovations and telling their success story.

We Learn from Biggers Companies

Program Digital Amoeba is not the first corporate innovation lab. Some corporations have done similar programs earlier and Program Digital Amoeba also learned from them.

Highlight PDA

Want to know how this program runs? Here's some highlights from the Digital Amoeba Program

what amoeba say

“Punya ide itu gampang, yang susah mewujudkannya. Banyak tantangan dan harus berkutat di operasional juga, tapi yang jelas seru banget. Gak nyesel ikut Amoeba!”

- Rachmat Fahmi Aziz -

CEO of A Pro Commander

“Happy bisa belajar banyak tentang how to make a startup, design sprint, sampai manajemen waktu & team. Ditambah bisa kenal temen-temen lain yg punya jiwa inovasi yang sama dari berbagai regional.”

- Reza Hermansyah -

CEO of

“Full of challenges! Amoeba has broaden up my point of view to give new future for Telkom, it's not just work for 8 hrs per day, but it's all about how you work agile and collaborate beyond time and diversity.”

- Sophia Khana -

CFO of Snap!Aja